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McDonalds Corporation (MCD)
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Green Fast Food: Really Here or a Green Dream?
The fast food industry is seeing a growing demand for environmental sustainability. How can investors, consumers, and other stakeholders know which restaurants are truly embracing sustainable development and which are only greenwashing their practices?

Academic Joins Shareowners in Advocating Corporate Lobbying Reform
Yale University Professor Bob Repetto issues paper calling for companies to rapidly adopt best practice on corporate lobbying, including oversight and approval by independent directors.

Wainwright Bank and Equal Exchange Partner to Offer the First Branded Certificate of Deposit
This new branded CD model is particularly suited to socially responsible banks, companies, and investors, as the increased social returns can counterbalance the slightly higher financial risks.

Corporate Social Responsibility Press Releases

McDonald’s Corporation Highlights Global Results in Comprehensive 2004 Corporate Responsibility Report

McDonald's(R) Tops Fortune Magazine's Sixth Annual List of Companies That Make Workplace Diversity a Priority

McDonald’s Calls for Phase-Out of Growth Promoting Antibiotics in Meat Supply, Establishes Global Policy on Antibiotic Use

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