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Fannie Mae (FNM)
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Calvert social analysis profile for Fannie Mae

Audit includes product safety, environment, workplace issues, international operations and human rights, community relations and weapons contracting.

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Company News

Blue Funds to Invest in Companies that Support Democrats
The two new funds seek to capitalize on research that finds that Democrat-supporting companies significantly outperform Republican-supporting companies.

US Banks Sink to the Bottom of the Barrel on Latest Sustainability Ratings from Oekom
Most US banks fail to disclose enough information on their social and environmental performance to qualify for analysis, and only four of 21 analyzed earned above D-level grades.

Opening the Umbrella of Socially Responsible Investing to Include Energy Efficient Mortgages
Indigo Financial Group promotes energy efficient mortgages, which have long been available through a Fannie Mae program but have yet to reach their market potential.

Corporate Social Responsibility Press Releases

Fannie Mae Named One of Best Companies for Women of Color by Working Mother Magazine

Fannie Mae Boosts Nation's Affordable Rental Housing as Company's Multifamily Investments Nearly Double in 2001

U.S. Representative Sonny Callahan Joins Local Partners to Announce New $10 Million Energy Efficient Mortgage Pilot; Initiative Promotes Affordable, Environmentally-Friendly Housing in Alabama

Stock Indexes and CSR Lists

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