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General Mills Incorporated (GIS)
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Calvert social analysis profile for General Mills Incorporated

Audit includes product safety, environment, workplace issues, international operations and human rights, community relations and weapons contracting.

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Company News

Porter and Kramer Framework Melding CSR with Business Strategy Wins Harvard Award
The Harvard Business Review grants the 2006 McKinsey Award to an article arguing companies create competitive advantage by integrating social and environmental issues into core strategy.

Community Investment Institutions Managed By and Benefiting African Americans
Generations Community Credit Union, Carver Bancorp, and UrbanAmerica are three African American managed community investment institutions.

New SRI Index Optimizes Social and Environmental Performance and Controls Risk
The KLD Select Social Index caters to institutional investors by underweighting companies with weak social and environmental performance instead of excluding them.

Corporate Social Responsibility Press Releases

Thousands of Children across the U.S. Learn How to Lead a Balanced and Active Lifestyle with General Mills Champions(R) Grants Program

General Mills Champions Grants Awarded to Help Children Nationwide Develop Skills to Eat Healthy and Stay Fit

Cheerios Announces Major Commitment to Improving Childhood Literacy

Stock Indexes and CSR Lists

The company is included in the following stock indexes and corporate social responsibility lists:


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