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Closing values for 06/22
The Calvert Social Index™ is a broad-based, rigorously constructed benchmark for measuring the performance of large, US-based socially responsible companies.

Calvert starts by taking the 1,000 largest companies in the US, representing stocks listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ-AMEX and ranks them in descending order based on their three-month average market capitalization.

Calvert Calvert's Social Research Department conducts an audit including product safety, environment, workplace issues, international operations and human rights, community relations and weapons contracting on each company in the base of 1,000 companies. The stocks that meet Calvert's social criteria make up the Calvert Social Index.
The Domini 400 Social Index (DSI) is the established benchmark for measuring the impact of social screening on financial performance. Launched in May 1990, the DSI is the first benchmark for equity portfolios subject to multiple screens.

The DSI has outperformed the S&P 500 on a total return basis and on a risk-adjusted basis since its inception in May 1990.

KLD KLD publishes the Statistical Review of the DSI each month. It contains performance data, financial statistics and listings of companies in the index.


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