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Sustainable and Responsible Investment Strategies:
A Guide for Fiduciaries and Institutional Investors

Table of Contents

Executive Summary i


Delivering Benefits through Sustainable and Responsible Investment Strategies 1
Chapter 1: The Terms and Strategies of Sustainable and Responsible Investing 7
  Corporate Governance 7
  Proxy Voting 9
  Dialogue 13
  Shareowner Resolutions 14
  Defining an Investment Universe 19
  Divestment 27
  Community Investing 31
Chapter 2: Fiduciary Responsibilities 39
Financial Performance and Fiduciary Duties 39
Private Pension and Collectively Bargained Plans 42
State and Local Pensions 46
Church Pension Plans 47
Charitable Institutions 47
Chapter 3: Financial Performance of Sustainable and Responsible Investments 51
Theoretical Overview 51
Performance of the Domini Social Index 53
Performance of Socially and Environmentally Screened Mutual Funds 55
Screened vs. Unscreened Composite Returns 57
Focused Examination of a Socially Screened Pension Fund 61
Best-in-Class Investing 64
Chapter 4: Implementing Sustainable and Responsible Investment Strategies 71
Building Consensus 71
Developing an Investment Policy Statement and Proxy Voting Guidelines 73
Asset Allocation 74
Risk Management and Money Manager Selection 76
Monitoring and Evaluating Strategy Implementation 78
Appendix 1
Decision Trees – Finding the Appropriate Sustainable and Responsible Investing Strategies For Your Organization A-1
Appendix 2
Profiles of Institutions A-14
Appendix 3
Financial Performance Graphs A-27
Appendix 4
Important Fiduciary Responsibility Documents from the U.S. Department of Labor A-31
Appendix 5
Shareowner Resolutions A-49
Appendix 6
Tables of Institutions A-77
Appendix 7
Sustainable and Responsible Investing Policy Guidelines A-86
Appendix 8
History and Principles of Sustainable and Responsible Investing A-113

Sustainable and Responsible Investment Strategies
can be purchased as a single issue or through a site license. The price for site licenses varies depending on the size of the institution and the number of report copies required. In addition, members of SRI World Group are available to make presentations to staff members and lead workshops for trustees on the findings in the Guide.

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