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Investment Policy Statement Wizard

Customers of SRI World Group have access to an Investment Policy Statement Wizard (see sample below).



1. Does the institution desire to screen investments for the following Corporate Governance issues?
    Yes No - Independent board
    Yes No - Women and minority representation on board of directors
    Yes No - Executive compensation issues

2. Does the institution want to include a qualitative environmental screen on the following issues?
    Yes No - Product design/life cycle
    Yes No - Environment management systems
    Yes No - Recycling programs
    Yes No - Sustainability programs and practices

3. Does the institution want to screen its investments for the following activities with tobacco products?
    Yes No - Manufacture of tobacco products
    Yes No - Sales of tobacco products
    Yes No - Marketing of tobacco products
    Yes No - Feed stocks used in the manufacture of tobacco products
4. Please indicate the threshold percentage of tobacco products sales a company must exceed before it is excluded as a possible investment by the institution:
    1% or less
    2% or less
    3% or less
    4% or less
    5% or less
    10% or less
    over 10%


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